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Ltr #64 Epilogue about H. B. Talbert

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  • Jack Hultquist
    EPILOGUE 1866 Harrison married Matilda J. Rittenhouse. 1878 Jesse Talbert, Jr. (father) died from injuries caused by his wagon. The wagon was being pulled by
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      1866 Harrison

      married Matilda J. Rittenhouse.


      1878 Jesse Talbert, Jr. (father) died from injuries caused by his wagon.  The wagon was being pulled by a runaway team.


      1878  Harrison's mother died.


      1879 The Harrison and Hadley Talbert families left Indiana and pioneered ten miles northeast of Hastings, Nebraska.


      1879 Mr. and Mrs. Harrison B. Talbert helped organize what is now the Trumbull (Nebr.) Methodist Church.  For 35 years Harrison was Superintendent of Sunday School.




      HARRISON'S DIARY ENTRIES  1911 - 1922


      Trumbull, Nebraska

      1911 April 19   "My 69 birthday.  Receive over 30 Postal Cards from Indiana."  [Harrison left Indiana 32 years ago.]


      1916 Sep 23   Our 50th wedding anniversary.


      1917 May 2   Matilda died.  [Wife]


      [In Nebraska, Harrison attended GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) and other Union Civil War meetings.  After Matilda's death, Harrison attended large GAR meetings in several other states.]


      Via train

      1918 Feb. 21   Pass Rolla Mo., does not look like it did in war times.  [54 years ago.]   Arrive at Cassville Mo.


      [After the war many Talberts moved to Cassville, MO.


      In early 1918 Harrison was 75.  For the times, he was very old and had outlived most of his relatives and peers.]


      1918 Feb. 22   See Abel's old place.  [Near Cassville, MO]


      1918 Feb. 25   Visit Alpheus's old mill & farm.  Then come to cemetery where Alpheus, Eliza, Mont., Jake & Lou were buried on hill E. Cassville.  [Probably Jake & Lou Bowers.]


      [1918 May 1 - Dec. 16  Harrison lived in Morristown, Indiana]


      1918 May 9   Go to Shelbyville for license to get married to Mrs. Sarah A. Talbert.  [The previous Mr. Talbert had died.]


      1918 May 26   Sunday a large crowd out at Old Folks Singing class.  See a great many old acquaintances.


      1918 Dec. 3   Sarah passes away.



      1919 May 20   Wichita, [Kansas] find Mr (W. W.) Worth waiting, have fine time visiting & talking over war times of over 50 [57] years ago.


      [1919 May 28 - Sept. 23 Harrison lives with friends in Morristown and other locations in Shelby Co., Indiana.  Attends Blue River Chapel.  Also hears Ora Wilcoxon preach at tent meetings.]


      1919 Sep 15   Stay with Toads, Put Monument to Father, Mother and Uncles graves At a cost of $129.00.


      1919 Sep 16   Visit around Morristown [Indiana], visit with Lon Haney [Alonzo Haney] a Comrad I served 3 years with in 3" Ind.  Battery and had not seen for 55 years.  Stay with Ella Zike [a cousin].


      1920 June 2   Long Beach California married Mrs. Nancy E. Talbert.  [The previous Mr. Talbert had died.]



      1922 Feb 22   Harrison B. Talbert died at Long Beach.  [Almost 80.  Buried at Trumbull, NE]


              [When I borrowed Harrison's letters and diaries, I found this written by Nancy, his third wife, at the end of the diary.  She wrote it on a thought-filled day, on the first anniversary of Harrison's death.]


      Feb. 22, 1923

             "Those few short months were the most happy and the sweetest part of my life".



      In the late 1960s and early 1970s, at my request, my grandmother, Effie Hawthorne Talbert Hultquist, identified the multitude of pictures she had in her possession.  On the back of Harrison's picture she had  written  his  name  and  this  statement:  "A better man never lived".

      Effie knew Harrison well through the Trumbull Methodist Church and the family (1899 - 1912).  In 1906 and 1907 Harrison was Effie's father-in-law.  Effie became a teenage widow when her husband, Charlie Talbert, died in 1907.  In 1913 Effie married my grandfather C. Harry Hultquist.



      [Harrison's Funeral, Trumbull Methodist Church, Trumbull, Nebraska, buried March 5, 1922


      Next is a letter from Effie's mother to Effie about Harrison's funeral.

      Esther, Grace, and Wayne are Effie's sisters and brother.

      Harry is Effie's husband, my grandfather.]



      Sun 8 P.M. did not go to church [tonight] because I wanted to write to you.  Esther & Wayne do wish Harry & you could of been to Mr Talbert's funeral it was sad in a way & yet it was not like the most of funerals it seemed as every one had lost a father or in other words a good adviser had gone to rest & to his reward for faithfulness,  Mr Cope preached the funeral sermon it was hard for him he said at first it seemed like he had been like a father to him in the six years of his pastorage here,  he preached a good sermon but there had never been anything but good said or known of him.  his [current] wife composed a few verses of poetry & sent with Elias to have read after the obituary they were so nice, .......  the church was crowded friends from Donaphon, Hanson, Hastings & Harvard, there was so many pretty flowers & such nice ones.  he did not look natural I dont feel like I have been to Mr Talberts funeral, have heard several say the same, he had shaved smooth I never saw him that way,      the children were all there, cora is in alberqrue Mexico, [.....].  Mr Talbert looked so much fleshier than when he left here, Elias said he weighed 40 lbs more,  [.....].

                                                   good night






      I, Jack C. Hultquist, am not a Talbert descendant.  I just found Harrison to be an interesting person with a purpose and a story.

      Two people that assisted for several years with the book were: Ellen Markytan and Judy Hamel.


      If you wish to read Harrison's letters then at "Search Archive" type Ltr Talbert.  Start with Ltr #1.

      Available to e-mail respondents who include their mailing address.  FREE CD that includes a quality scanned copy of each letter in Harrison B. Talbert's 61 letter collection.  If you use Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and enjoyed any portion of these letters, you will enjoy the CD.  Send request and mailing address to jahultqu@...


      A couple nice comments


      I really like the way you have laid things out, and the delicate touch your editing approach provides.  I have read many published and unpublished diary and letter transcriptions, but your inclusion of photos of the original letters is a great addition. (message # 14299)


      I received the CD today.  It is wonderful.  I cannot quit looking at it.  You have done a great job in putting everything together.

      Thank you so much for the CD.  I have a friend that would be interested in a copy.] 




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