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      As an occasional poster but lately more of a lurker, I want to emphasize something which both Pat Jones and Dave Smith have said in different ways, something which in my youth (this was long enough ago that, as Dylan Thomas remarked, "wolves and whales roamed the earth") all girls learned sooner or later when pestered by schoolyard bullies:


                  You don't have to respond.


      In more modern terms, non-response is a viable option.  This business of "getting in the last shot" (a very male attitude, yes?) merely perpetuates the bullying, since your last shot fuels his next shot, to which, muscles flexing, you offer a subsequent last shot, which...  And so it goes.  There is no ending to it.


      Girls learn this early, gentlemen: a response -- any response -- is what a bully wants.  He wants you to cry, or sass him back, or punch him, or get up on your high horse -- anything that keeps the attention on him.  He gets his power through the attention we give him.  Attention is what keeps him running, as if plugged into some mobile wall socket.  Take away his power -- stop responding to him -- and he runs down.


      So, as many others have advised, here's me saying the same old thing:



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