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  • hank9174
    ... LWhite64@a... ... had ... have ... Bragg s ... Union left ... area that ... battle ... mind ... jealous of ... gave him ... reconcile ... Longstreets ...
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 4, 2002
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., DORR64OVI@a... wrote:
      > In a message dated 12/4/02 7:51:22 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      > writes:
      > > .
      > > Also, I dont think Bragg's lack of involvement in that sector
      > > anything to do with jealousy, if that had been the case he wouldnt
      > > given Longstreet half of his army to command, but I think it was
      > > bullheaded determination that his original plan of turning the
      Union left
      > > was going to be the fatal blow and that he was so focused on that
      area that
      > > he didnt give much though to the other wing.
      > >
      > > Lee
      > >
      > Lee, I think you have hit upon what I conside to be Braggs fatal
      > flaw...namely his inability to adjust his plans once the flow of
      > inevitably called for changes. Its as tho he saw the battle in his
      > happening in one way and one way only. I dont think Bragg was
      jealous of
      > Longstreet for being sent to the AoT when in fact this reinforcement
      gave him
      > numerical superiority for once. Bragg didnt seem to able to
      > himself to the fact that his en echelon attack had failed and
      > breakthrough had changed the battlefield.

      My thoughts remain that Longstreet's assault succeeded as *part* of
      the en echelon attack. The point that Longstreet orgainized his troops
      in depth and attacked en masse is well taken.

      I'd like to see a good map. Cozzens doesn't show much above the
      brigade level and B&L appears to contradict the written commentary
      of the deployment being in depth.

      > I think this is part of
      the reason
      > Bragg wouldnt even consider pursuing the Federals as Longstreet and
      > were pressing him to do.

      On the afternoon of the 20th, most of Bragg's army is confronting
      Thomas' strong position. Polk's wing was going nowhere that day. Hood
      was wounded, 2 of Longstreet's divisions were fought out.

      Breaking contact and organizing a pursuit with the mixture of units
      available, some AoT, some ANV, under Longstreet, just arrived, in the
      amount of daylight remaining, leaving Thomas' troops in the rear, is,
      well, daunting...

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