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  • jreinhart_us
    Hi I am new to the group and discov= ered it it via Dave Smith s column in Civil=
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2002
      I am new to the group and discov=
      ered it it via Dave Smith's column in Civil=
      War News.

      I am most interested in the war =
      in the West, Kentucky and Kentuckians , and=
      Germans in the war.
      In Dec. 2000 my book A History o=
      f the 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry U.S.:=
      The Boys Who Feared No Noise was=
      The 6th contained four German co=

      I am compiling a list of books c=
      ontaining diaries and collections of let=
      ters written by native Germans w=
      ho fought in the war.
      They are not plentiful.
      So far I have located the follow=
      (1) Civil War Letters of Sergean=
      t Charles Wickesberg (1961); (2) Letters of
      Frederic C. Winkler 1862–1865 (1=
      963); (3) A Civil War Soldier's Last Letter
      s (1975) (4) Your True
      Marcus: The Civil War Letters of=
      a Jewish Colonel (1985); (5) Lone Star and
      Double Eagle: Civil War Letters =
      of a German-Texas Family (1982); and (6) The
      Civil War Diary of Charles A. Le=
      uschner–Sixth Texas Infantry (1992).

      I am not interested in such prim=
      ary sources published in periodicals at this time.

      Please contact me if you can add=
      any books to the list. This info will be
      published in a book containing t=
      he diary of one German and letters of another
      another that will be published =
      in the spring 2004.

      Joe Reinhart
      Louisville, Ky.
      e-mail: sixthky@b...
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