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Re: CW News Article

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  • Dave Smith
    ... space. Actually, this was a major reason for why I wrote the article the way I did. Back in 1995, there weren t decent, sort of moderated groups like
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 19, 2002
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "aot1952" <aot1952@y...> wrote:
      > Basecat-
      > Unfortunately I have not had an opportunity to read the article to
      > which you refer. Over the last few years I have joined alot of
      > internet groups and chat sites. Sadly, almost all after a little
      > while have proven to me to be pretty much a waste of time and

      Actually, this was a major reason for why I wrote the article the way
      I did. Back in 1995, there weren't decent, "sort of" moderated
      groups like this. The "SOC" group of Usenet newsgroups were
      moderated (and still are) but their charters were often times too
      emcompassing. This kind of group reminds me of the "Three Bears"
      story, with the group being as "just right" as we can hope for.

      Less commercial advertising would be nice, but heck - we can't hve
      everything ...


      Dave Smith
      Villa Hills, KY

      > From my experience these other groups have become of little
      > interest because either the participants simply do not share my
      > perculiar interest in military history and really what they want to
      > talk about is present day politics(which is certainly ok -heck that
      > is why they make different flavored ice creams it just is not for
      > me), the group has been taken over, all to often by self-declared-
      > know-it-all-experts who shout down opposing points of view with own
      > perculiar views on a subject and their unique self
      > assured 'scholarly' approach and in my opinion overly simplistic
      > of the extremely complicated period or the place becomes just a
      > broken record of the same two or three themes and of course many
      > just been reduced to simple name calling. Some really good groups
      > have seemingly just failed because the topic was simply too limited
      > in scope.
      > Having been disappointed by so many other sites this is one of the
      > very few groups that I really try to check up on at least once a
      > week. The group is diverse, extremely knowlegeable and the topic is
      > certainly expansive enough for continual exploration. With a very
      > exceptions in the past we have managed to remain respectful of
      > opinions.
      > But even with these advantages the group is still enlightening and
      > interesting because of the consistent and ever vigilant moderation.
      > I just want to thank Shotgun and the other moderators for their
      > continued vigilance in maintaining this wonderfully interesting
      > discussion group. I for one owe them alot for sacrificing their
      > to provide this place of continuing interest and enjoyment.
      > My sincere thanks-
      > Wakefield
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