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The Civil War Chronical Newsletter

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  • lilsteve68@aol.com
    I like you to invite you All to join my The Civil War Chronical Newsletter I think you will
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2002
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      I like you to invite you All to join my The Civil War Chronical Newsletter  I think you will like it I have been posting your Today in the  Civil History and I had add  other stuff as  such as Today in Tennessee Civil War History , Info on  Civil War news,  Southern Heritage News  and Views.  Info dealing with the Civil War in Middle Tennessee  and other Misc Info..

      I remain  respectfully, your most obedient servant.
      Steven N. Cone

      Proud descendant of  21 Confederate Veterans and 48 Union Veterans

      Active of member  of:
      Sons of Confederate Veterans  CAMP #723 
      Wilson County Civil War Roundtable  WCCWRT
      The Civil war Preservation Trust,  CWPT

      Battle of Nashville Preservation Society and Civil War Roundtable ,  BONPS
      Save The Franklin Battlefield -  STFB

      And  Supporting member Of
      The Stillwater Guards
      Company B of the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry regiment

      Visit My Civil War Site @   American civil War


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