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Re: Newton's article

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  • cashg79
    ... studies at West ... Dennis Hart ... him ... could both ... defensive ... graduated in ... perspective? ... There s basis for this. When one reads Volume 1
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 7, 2002
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      --- In civilwarwest@y..., Jfepperson@a... wrote:

      > > "Johnston derived his perspective on war from his original
      studies at West
      > > Point in the late 1820s where the relevant influence was not
      Dennis Hart
      > > Mahan, but John Michael O'Connor."
      > >
      > > Since much of Newton's theory is based on O'Conner's and through
      > > Frederick the Great's influence on JJ, it begs the question: how
      could both
      > > Johnston - one of the CWs most reluctant warriors and champion of
      > > strategy and Robert E. Lee, innovative and offensive-minded have
      graduated in
      > > the same year with diametrically opposed attitudes and
      > This is really not all that hard to accept, but it requires
      > speculating that JEJ was more studious of military history
      > than was REL. IOW, if JEJ had devoted more time and mental
      > effort to reading O'Conner than did REL, then it would explain
      > how the two men came away from their educational
      > experiences with different foundations.
      > JFE
      There's basis for this. When one reads Volume 1 of Douglas S.
      Freeman's _R. E. Lee: A Biography,_ one comes away with the feeling
      R. E. Lee was not the most diligent student of military history. He
      read what he needed to for class, but he was more interested in
      studying the exploits of his father in the Revolutionary War.

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