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Ltr #34 Religious, leaves off & rbls moving South, by H. B. Talbert

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  • Jack Hultquist
    [Written to his brother-in-law, Eli, and sister, Louisa Talbert Myer, a United Brethren minister.] _________________________ [Top left of page 1. Imprint -
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      [Written to his brother-in-law, Eli, and sister, Louisa Talbert Myer, a United Brethren minister.]
      [Top left of page 1.
      Imprint - Flowers & Vase, O & H]
      On Guard Acting Corporal 2 o clock

      Calhoun Henry Co. Mo.

      Nov the 6th / 62

                    Dear Brother & Sister;

           Through the mercies of an alwise being I am blessed with life, good health and the privilege of writing you a few lines in answer to your kind and affectionate letter which came to hand in due time. You appeared to be doubtful that your letter would not be interesting to me, but it was.  And I can not tell how many times I have already perused its pages, and from beginning to end it shows the kind affections of friends by the many entreaties [entries] to do right, and the desires you have in my souls eternal welfare.  [.....].  And it appears to me that you [Louisa] are traveling upon a high road full of light and the air of which perfumed with flowers.  And the road free from all obstructions and as smo[o]th as streets paved with gold.  [.....].  From what I write you can judge where I stand, and if I have ever been deceitful to you or wrote a falsehood of any kind, it was done through innocency.  And may God forbid that I ever should be guilty of trying to deceive any one, or even deceive myself, and think I was living prepared for death, and at last die without a prospect of heaven.  [....].  The weather has been beautiful ever since the 10 of Oct except two or three days which was very disagreeable on account of snow and cold.  No rain at all since the 10 of Oct.  Times are about the same as usual.  And I do not think there is any danger of us being interrupted here by the rebls this winter, as the leaves are now off and I think from their movements that they are making their way south.

           Louisa; write all such letters as thy last and I will be well satisfied with them.  I do not care if they are filled full of exhortations and advice for I know I need both.  I have not been to [a church] meeting since I left Jefferson City.  No chance in this part of the country.  I will now come to a close as it is time to go to getting breakfast.  I remain as ever your affectionate and well wishing brother

                                                                              Harrison Talbert


      P. S.  Please excuse my short letter for I havent time to write only of night.

      Write when convenient direct to Calhoun Henry Co Mo

      care Lieut Thomas Comdg Section of 3rd Ind Battery.






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