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Ltr #3 Pay, Sickness, Battle Preparation, by H. B. Talbert

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  • Jack Hultquist
    [Inst (instant) means of the current month] St Louis Mo Sep 24 1861 Dear Parents & Family I take my pen in hand to try to write you a few lines. I am not
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      [Inst (instant) means of the current month]


      St Louis  Mo  Sep 24  1861

             Dear Parents & Family   

      I  take my pen in hand to try to write you a few lines.  I am not very well at present, I think I am taking the measles but I am not in the hospital.  I sincerely hope this will find you well and doing well. Last Firstday evening (22inst) [Sunday evening 22 Sept.] we received marching orders to leave this place and go to Jefferson City about 200 miles from here [via steamboat].  They delayed moving till a little after dark last night then they commenced up to leave.  We got to the river about two o'clock last night and are here yet and it is four or five o'clock but we expect to leave soon.  Last Firstday [Sunday] we received a little pay $11.65 cts.   They payed us from the 5 [th] of Aug till the first of Sept.   And against night some of them had no more money than they had soon in the morning.  Capt. Rabb and company [2nd Indiana Battery] is going with us to the same place and two or three infantry regiments.  The boys is all in fine spirits and in tolerable good health.  George K. W. is still in the hospital and four or five others.  George has had the intermittent fever, but he is better now but he is still weak, dont gain much strength.  Last Firstday there was a private soldier died at the hospital which belonged to our Company.  As to myself I am very well satisfied and in fine spirits.  We have been very well situated and have thousands to eat.  We have fared a great deal better here than we did at Indianapolis and we fared very well there.  But there is one thing I dont like I dont like to go in to a battle unless we was better prepared and better drilled but I expect we will for they are looking for a battle.  You must excus[e] me for I havent time to write any more.  I received [brother] Hadleys and [cousin] Williams letter and was glad to hear from you, it is the only [letters] I have received from home.  If you write me any letter before I write again send it to Jefferson City so nothing more at present but remain your affectionate son until death.     Harrison Talbert     [.....]






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