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Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Continuing Debate on Snake Creek Gap/May 9th etc.

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    Well, Taking a page from David s book of using quotes, Ive decided to add some fuel to the fire (as if it needed it) from couple of the Rebs that were there:
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      Well, Taking a page from David's book of using quotes, Ive decided to add some fuel to the fire (as if it needed it) from couple of the Rebs that were there:

      Robert Patrick, 4th LA, attached to Cantey's QM staff;
           "May 7th...I heard heavy firing towards Dalton today and a fight is momentarily expected.  We have orders to move again and our baggage has been reduced..."
            "Sunday May 8;  We are kept in readiness to march, though we are still at the same place...."
             "Monday, May 9:  Last nightas I was sitting by the camp fire before my tent, a scout rode up and getting off his horese, stood by the fire.  He said the enemy were only about five miles distant, in large force coming through Snake Creek Gap, and that he had come to report the fact to Gen. Cantey the commanding officer.  Cantey in my opinion is a poor dependence for a commander..."
              "Tuesday, May 10:  No firing up to 12 M. today.  Loring's Divison will be here from Rome today, and we have received some troops from Dalton, which will make our force about eight thousand men.  Enough I suppose to check the enemy for the present.  There are two gaps near this place, one of which was only guarded,a nd the enemy made their approach  through the unguarded one.  It certainly was a great oversight in not placing a strong guard at both those points.  They are now very near the Railroad and have already cut the telegraph lines between this place and Dalton.  Their force is estimated at 10,000..."
               "Thursday, May 12: ...I consider Gen. Johnston the best General in the Confederacy, not even excepting Robt. E. lee, but this is one time that old Sherman came near overreaching him.  I will always consider it mere chance if he gets well away from Resaca."

            "THE AFFAIR AT RESACA."  "...Monday morning the enemy in what force our informant could not learn, approached Resaca through Snake Creek Gap, and about noon came within three quarters of a mile of the village, where they were attacked by the 37th Mississippi Infantry, commanded by Liet. Col. Weir.  This regiment was flanked right and left, and lost in killed, wounded and missing, 71 men.  A small force of cavalry was sent to the rear of the enemy and captured sixteen of them.  The 17th and 29th Alabama Regiments engaged the enemy about six o'clock in the afternoon and repulsed him.  The enemy fell back on Monday night...The object of the enemy in making a dash through Snake Creek Gap was evidently to destroy the railroad bridge over the Oostanaula, a short distance this side of Resaca.  They came within rifle range of the village.  A shot from one of their sharpshooters during the fight severely wounded a fine horse standing near the church there."

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