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9893Re: Vicksburg and Gettysburg / a question

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  • hartshje
    Mar 7, 2002
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "wh_keene" <wh_keene@y...> wrote:
      > Joe,
      > I always thought Grant had something to do with the initial
      > evacuation of Nashville. Maybe score the point for Foote with an
      > assist by Grant. (Sorry, basketball terminology sneaks in
      > sometimes.)
      > With an alternative outcome to Stone's River and a recapture of
      > Nashville, I think the challenge for Bragg would be to contest any
      > effort of Grant to cross the Tennessee.


      1. Of course, it was Grant who captured Fort Donelson, opening the
      Cumberland R. all the way to Nashville. But when A.S. Johnston
      retreated from Bowling Green, he didn't even try to defend Nashville
      against Buell coming down from Kentucky. He knew he couldn't do
      anything to stop Foote's flotilla, nor could he keep them from
      helping Buell to cross the river. So Johnston chose to abandon the
      city and hook up with Beauregard at Corinth. (Here's another what if:
      what if Beauregard had come to Nashville instead, and their combined
      forces struck Buell after he crossed the Cumberland?)

      2. Assuming, in our hypothetical scenario, that Bragg scores a
      knockout at Stone's River, and recaptures Nashville, I think the best
      next move on his part would be to go after Grant who is still in
      northern Mississippi at this time, hopefully linking up with
      Pemberton's army. Here again, we see that an overall commander in
      this theater would be needed. Logically, that would be Bragg. Do
      you think he could have managed a hook-up with Pemberton? What do
      you think Grant's reaction to all this would be?

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