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  • dmsmith001
    Feb 12, 2002
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "hank9174" <clarkc@m...> wrote:


      > Again, Woodworth points out that Bragg was thwarted by Hardee and
      > Polk during the Tullahoma campaign, <someone> prior to Chickamauga
      > when Rosecrans dangled a division at McLemores Cove, Polk again at
      > Chickamauga and Longstreet at Chattanooga on the left at Brown's
      > Ferry and Wauhatchie.

      I simply wish that Woodworth would have tried to gather an
      understanding of how and why these subordinates didn't work well with

      You've worked with people like Bragg - it's always someone else's
      fault - never his.

      Tis one of the easy outs for looking at a particular campaign, that
      one can always justify anything in the short term.
      > In all of the above cases, Bragg had opportunities to whack a
      > goodly portion of the AotC; in Longstreet's case, the whole army.

      Longstreet a chance to wreck the whole army, and thwarted Bragg's
      plans? Where and when?
      > Whatever these men's feelings toward Bragg, they pretty much defied
      > direct orders in these situations.
      Let's deal with Longstreet for a moment. What orders did he defy?


      Dave Smith
      Villa Hills, Ky
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