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  • Lieberum, Steve
    Feb 1, 2002

      I do so agree, I am a map man from why back, and the lack of maps in "Six
      Armies" does make me lose track of what is going on....

      Steve L

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      Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Chattanooga

      'Six Armies' offers a concise, well-written explanation of the entire
      campaign from Murfreesboro through Tullahoma to Chickamauga back to
      Chattanooga and then to Knoxville.

      It has good battle detail, explanation of personalties (and

      Woodworth calls Polk and Longstreet to task for their insubordination.
      He also gives Bragg credit for good strategic thinking rather than
      merely blaming his *personality* for the AoT command failures.

      My major complaint is that he makes do with only half-a-dozen maps or

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