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9262Don't mess with Texas

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  • carlw4514
    Jan 3, 2002
      Let's mark January 1 as the anniversary of the 1863 Cottonclad victory of Confederate forces at Galveston, Texas. Hey, didn't
      somebody say the South didn't have a navy?
      I believe it can also be said that the 11 January Victory of the CSS ALABAMA over the USS HATTERAS was a correlary, the HATTERAS
      being engaged in an attempt to retake the area when it fatally attempted to chase the ALABAMA (falling for a ruse). This was the single
      victory of a CS ship over a US ship (excluding merchant ships) on the high seas; the HATTERAS was sunk.
      We shall also mark the September repulse of the Banks expedition at Sabine Pass, Texas, when that anniversary comes.
      Texas comes close to being able to claim that it was undefeated, losing no territory, except temporarily, throughout the war. At one
      point late in the war the Union held only a single island. From what I can tell the Union was again asserting itself in the Rio Grande
      area at the very end of the war. Perhaps someone out there would know.
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