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9261Re: One thing about Grant critics I have never understood.

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  • theme_music
    Jan 3, 2002
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "carlw4514" <carlw4514@y...> wrote:
      > I think it did go like this:
      > - the confederates under-emphasize Tennessee defenses because too
      many expected a short war in the East to decide everything, for a
      > while Kentucky's "neutrality" was expected to protect the area,


      Good points.. Kentucky's "neutrality" ended in September. The
      Confederates put a lot of effort in at Columbus and Bowling Green,
      but continued to neglect the river defenses on the Tenn and
      Cumberland. Given the Union's construction of ironclads, this, to
      me, is inexplicable and quite possible the largest blunder of the

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