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917Re: High command

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  • mobile_96
    Jun 5, 2000
      --- In civilwarwest@egroups.com, philip@t... wrote:

      > Hi Chuck,
      > Someone else has already responded to this, but I thought I would,
      > too. I found two references to the incident: one in Shelby Foote's
      > trilogy, and one in Jack Hurst's biography of Forrest. The
      > is supposed to have taken place after Shiloh when Forrest was in
      > charge of the rear-guard action. Hurst seems to have reason to
      > believe that the story was first told by Forrest's son to a
      > So maybe the story is apocryphal just keeps being repeated
      > because it sounds so great (that's redundant isn't it?). I have no
      > knowlege of primary sources that would verify it.
      > Philip

      Thats not the first story to be made real from everyone quoting a bad
      source. But not going to put it in that pile for a while yet. Member
      of a cw club online was told this by a tour guide at Shiloh. I didn't
      find anything in my OR-CD or in the Navy OR-CD, but think I'll go
      back and try again. Wish I knew someone that has the new 2nd set of
      the OR that has finally been published (100 Vol.)so they could take a
      look for me. Even a mention in a diary or a letter, by someone at
      Fallen Timbers might shed some light.
      Anyway thanks for the info.
      Chuck in Illinois
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