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897Re: [civilwarwest] Re: High command

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  • ecm777@aol.com
    Jun 3, 2000
      I'm reading First With the Most by Robert Selp Henry. On page 81 (battle of
      Shiloh-Fallen Timbers) it says ...
      "In the thick of it all, cutting and slashing, and firing away with his
      pistol, charged Forrest. In his impetuous ardor he charged beyond his own
      men, who, at sight of Sherman's steady bridgade drawn up to receive them,
      turned back, gathered up the seventy prisoners whom they had taken, and
      retired. Forrest, keeping up the pursuit until he was within fifty yards of
      the battle line, found himself surrounded by the very men he had been
      chasing, and being fired upon from all directions. One ball struck him in
      the left side just at the point of the hipbone, and plowed through to the
      spine. Another struck and mortally wounded his horse, as Forrest turned to
      shoot and slash his way out of the predicament into which he had charged.
      Clearing a way with his pistol, he started back. To protect his rear from
      the shower of bullets aimed at him, he seized a hapless bluecoat as he dashed
      by, and swung him up behind - to be dropped when the horse and his two riders
      were out of range."

      There is also a new painting out called "Fallen Timbers." It shows Forrest
      in the midst of all those Yanks, but not the incident with the soldier to his
      back. It's a great painting! I think it's by Robert Swain from Conway, Ar.
      I got his card at a CW relic show in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. Not
      sure he's the one because I picked up so many cards that day, but I think
      this is correct.

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