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896Re: High command

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  • charles tinder
    Jun 3, 2000
      --- In civilwarwest@egroups.com, philip@t... wrote:
      He came from a humble
      background, and was not above grabbing a subordinate officer,
      refused to pull his own weight, by the scruff of the neck and
      throwing him overboard. He must have been tremendously
      powerful. To reach down and haul a Yankee soldier onto his
      saddle as a shield must have taken enormous strength.
      Philip Callen

      Can you give me a reference or references to the incident of
      Forrest using a yankee soldier as a shield?
      Was told this by a memember of a cw club online but no sources
      have been produced so far. Was told it happened at Shiloh when
      Forrest was in same area as U.S.Grant. We recently had a discussion
      on Forrest at Fort Pillow.
      I have 3 books on Forrest and also Mortons book on the Artillery of
      NBForrest's Cavalry, but no mention is made of this incident.
      Chuck in Illinois
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