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8876Re: SV: [civilwarwest] John Bell Hood and you thought Bragg was bad.

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  • Kristin Scherrer
    Dec 5, 2001

      I did not write that, I responded to it.  I am  a Texan, though not proud of it.  The Bible says that there is one thing that goes before the fall...Pride.  I am, however, honored by my heritage there, because that is where my family comes from and is a part of me.    


        FLYNSWEDE@... wrote:

      In a message dated 12/3/01 11:36:51 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      wacogaurds64@... writes:

      <<  Life's too short not to live it as a Texan.  <vbg>

      There goes one of those Tejanos again.  Stretching everything he can  <g>

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