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8875Re: John Bell Hood and you thought Bragg was bad.

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  • dmsmith001
    Dec 5, 2001
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      --- In civilwarwest@y..., FLYNSWEDE@A... wrote:
      > In a message dated 11/30/01 11:40:06 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      > LWhite64@a... writes:
      > << Also, I would give Hood an A for effort for the fight at
      > Peachtree Creek and Atlanta, that being the only Good things I can
      > say about the Kentuckian in 1864. >>

      > Knowing that you are anti-Johnston <g> I would still have to give
      > Hood a total grade of F for failure (thats the lowest I can go
      > doggone it) at Kolb's Farm. Any commander that sends his troops
      > into battle without knowing what he is facing has to receive such a
      > grade and is not worthy of holding the position of Corps. Cmdr.
      I'd guess it's all a matter of perspective, though (and I'm not
      trying to absolve Hood from blame here). At least Hood attacked, and
      attacked hard. It's interesting that here we have one of the few
      offensive attacks made by a commander serving under Johnston, since
      Seven Pines, and he (Hood) gets an "F."

      I guess Key West or the Dry Tortugas would have made a good, final
      defensive stand for Johnston. :-)

      > Wayne who is pro-Johnston and tries to understand him

      My problem with Johnston is that I started out with a very favorable
      impression of the man. The more I've read - especially his OR
      correspondence - the less he is a man to be admired.

      I may have said it here, and if so, apologize for the repeat. But
      I've concluded there were two things that were very dear to Joe
      Johnston. One was his love of the Confederacy, while the other was
      his reputation. It's just a shame that at times, the latter was more
      important than the former.


      Dave Smith
      Villa Hills, KY
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