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  • Kristin Scherrer
    Dec 2, 2001

      This was also the Christmas( and I will have to find it written down) where the two sides sang Christmas carols over the lines to eachother and had a snow ball fight.  But again, I will try to find the story for ya'll.


        ecm777@... wrote:

      I thought it would be interesting for us to share Civil War Christmas stories that we know.  So, here is the one I just read this week about my hometown in a local magazine.

      Christmas 1863 - Chattanooga

      After Union forces successfully raised the siege of Chattanooga, forcing the Confederates to retreat toward Atlanta, our city remained under military occupation for the rest of the war.  Government was by martial law.

      Presbyterian minister Thomas H. McCallie wrote. "I shall never forget the Christmas of 1863.  Christmas Eve came.  All without was winter.  It was winter in the city and winter in the State.  War had desolated everything.  Our church was still used for a hospital and no bell rang out on the air telling us of God, His house, His worship.  There was no Sunday school.  There was no day school...The old citizens had gone to the South or been sent to the North.  Only a few families remained and they very infrequently saw each other.  There were no stores open, no markets of any kind, no carriages on the streets....Strangers filled our streets, highways and houses.  The rattle of spurs of the officers and the tramp of soldiers fell constantly on our ears.  The town was white with tents; tents, tents everywhere...It was winter in the home except for a few precious rays of sunshine.  We had no milk, no butter, no cheese, scarcely any fruit; but we had bacon, bread, such as could be made without milk or yeast, a little coffee, some sugar and a barrel of pickles in brine, but no vinegar to put with them..."

      Sure a sad Christmas indeed.  We can be thankful we have never known one like it.  Hope others have some stories to share.....I know Connie does....she is such a wealth of information! :-)

      Merry Christmas ya'll
      Colleen aka CWgal

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