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8677Re: Understanding Vicksburg

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  • Dave Smith
    Nov 26 1:12 PM
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      Very well put. I think we often lose sight on exactly how great
      Grant's gamble really was.


      --- In civilwarwest@y..., Aurelie1999@a... wrote:
      > In a message dated 11/26/01 2:25:39 PM, dmsmith001@y... writes:
      > << Grant knew he had to try some means to get to Vicksburg -
      > still with an army would smack of McClellanism. >>
      > Grant was very much aware of this and explained it to Sherman who
      opposed the
      > idea completely. Gettysburg had not yet been won, the AoP was a
      mess and the
      > public was restless. Grant was well apprised through men such as
      > and John Sherman, Charles Dana and Sylvanus Cadwallader of what was
      > and the goings on in Washington. Grant may have been taciturn and
      > undemonstrative, but he was a keen observer of men and events.
      Sherman urged
      > him to return to Memphis to restructure his campaign and while
      Grant was
      > certain that it was the "book" thing to do, he was equally certain
      that any
      > backward movement no matter what the reason would be perceived as
      retreat or
      > even worse defeat. He felt that the administration was in trouble
      and that
      > it needed a win to stay afloat. He decided to wage his career on
      the outcome.
      > Connie
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