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8542Re: Understanding Vicksburg

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  • Dave Smith
    Nov 15, 2001
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      --- In civilwarwest@y..., carlw4514@y... wrote:
      > I do think, though, that Grant had an exit strategy, should things
      > not go so well; no one seems to know or say what that was, to my
      > knowledge. I have my own guesses - pure speculations - that at one
      > point he could fall back and join Banks, or at one point actually
      > go
      > north and crush Fort Pemberton and be back to getting regular
      > supplies. Both scenarios would have meant a longer war as his
      > noted brilliance shortened it.


      With all due respect, Fort Pemberton was not going to work -
      especially a movement north through hostile country - no supply line,
      no way to replenish ammunition, and no way to use the rail lines. He
      would have been dead meat.

      Fall back and join Banks? And become subordinate to Banks? I doubt
      that, too. A portion of the movement on Jackson was simply to avoid
      doing that.


      Dave Smith
      Villa Hills, KY
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