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8540RE: [civilwarwest] Re: Understanding Vicksburg

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  • Bob Huddleston
    Nov 14, 2001
      I also think that the Holly Springs debacle, and the ease with which Grant
      was able to live off the Mississippi land provided the proof -- and the
      confidence -- to forget bases and strike out overland.

      One of the secrets of USG was that he was always learning and always willing
      to try something new.

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      I doubt if thru the whole campaign,the thought of falling
      back ever once entered Grants mind,thats what sets Grant apart,do you think
      Grant ever once thought of falling back after The two days of
      Wilderness,The only time Grant fell back was the very first attempt at
      Vicksburg,when his supply line was cut,he never did that again,I think thats
      when he felt he made a mistake by,falling back and should have kept going
      and live off the land' The Baron
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