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8538RE: [civilwarwest] Re: Understanding Vicksburg

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  • Bob Huddleston
    Nov 14, 2001
      I would also suggest that Grierson's Raid was the finest strategic cavalry
      raid of the Civil War, overshadowing anything that either Forrest or Stuart
      did in its impact on the course of the war.

      One of the hard parts of doing a campaign -- or a battle -- is keeping
      everything in perspective, things happening at the same time, often
      scattered apart by miles. How many think of Morgan's Raid into Ohio as being
      part of the Gettysburg Campaign?

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      Finally, I don't think people appreciate how this was truly Grant's
      finest hour. We give that notion lip service, but the fact is that
      Grant was simply brilliant during the campaign. Not flawless, but
      brilliant -- with a good bit of guts thrown in.
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