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8537Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Understanding Vicksburg

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  • Michael Mason
    Nov 14, 2001
      I doubt if thru the whole campaign,the thought of falling
      back ever once entered Grants mind,thats what sets Grant
      apart,do you think Grant ever once thought of falling back
      after The two days of Wilderness,The only time Grant
      fell back was the very first attempt at Vicksburg,when
      his supply line was cut,he never did that again,I think
      thats when he felt he made a mistake by,falling back
      and should have kept going and live off the land'
      The Baron

      On 14-Nov-01, carlw4514@... wrote:
      I do think, though, that Grant had an exit strategy, should things <BR>
      not go so well; no one seems to know or say what that was, to my <BR>
      knowledge. I have my own guesses - pure speculations - that at one <BR>
      point he could fall back and join Banks, or at one point actually go <BR>
      north and crush Fort Pemberton and be back to getting regular <BR>
      supplies. Both scenarios would have meant a longer war as his <BR>
      noted brilliance shortened it.<BR>
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "Michael Mason" <richthofen@b...> wrote:<BR>
      > Grant was at his finest hour,but there was little or no margin<BR>
      > of error in this campaign.� The Baron<BR>
      > <BR>
      > <BR>
      > On 13-Nov-01, brooksdsimpson@y... wrote:<BR>
      > <html><body><BR>
      > <tt><BR>
      > --- In civilwarwest@y..., "Dave Smith" <dmsmith001@y...> wrote:<BR><BR>
      > <BR><BR>
      > > I've also thought that perhaps a Gordon Rhea-style approach - a <BR>
      > > series of relative standalone books, which encompasses the whole, <BR>
      > > might well work.� The problem is, I think, that the part people <BR>
      > want <BR><BR>
      > > to get to - post Bruinsburg - comes later in such a series.� <BR><BR>
      > Perhaps <BR><BR>
      > > they'd have to be written out of order.<BR><BR>
      > > <BR><BR>
      > > I'd be interested to hear Brooks's thoughts on this.<BR><BR>
      > <BR><BR>
      > I think that it is true that the lead-up to the April movements <BR>
      would <BR><BR>
      > be slow going for some people -- I know that I found myself <BR>
      impatient <BR><BR>
      > to get on to the crossing when I wrote my chapter on Vicksburg -- <BR>
      and <BR><BR>
      > that the period after May 22 is largely ignored (which is one reason <BR>
      > the Yazoo bender story gets so much play -- the assumption is that <BR>
      > nothing was going on, when in fact a great deal was going on).� <BR><BR>
      > <BR><BR>
      > There's probably room for two solid single-volume studies.� One <BR>
      would <BR><BR>
      > be primarily a military study, not as detailed as that offered in <BR>
      > Ed's OR-bound narrative; I found the recent James Arnold book to be <BR>
      a <BR><BR>
      > disappointment in that it simply reoffered what was offered before.� <BR>
      > The second would be a study that took a larger view of the campaign, <BR>
      > complete with its relation to politics and social change -- life <BR>
      > inside Vicksburg, what happened along the line of march, the <BR><BR>
      > induction and training of black soldiers, and so on. <BR><BR>
      > <BR><BR>
      > The military study might also shift the camera from Grant to <BR><BR>
      > Pemberton once in a while.� Too often the Confederate leaders are <BR>
      > treated as objects, awaiting Grant's next decision.� Put yourself in <BR>
      > Pemberton's place on April 15, 1863, and tell me what you do for the <BR>
      > next five weeks. <BR><BR>
      > <BR><BR>
      > Finally, I don't think people appreciate how this was truly Grant's <BR>
      > finest hour.� We give that notion lip service, but the fact is that <BR>
      > Grant was simply brilliant during the campaign.� Not flawless, but <BR>
      > brilliant -- with a good bit of guts thrown in.��� <BR><BR>
      > <BR><BR>
      > </tt><BR>
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