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8177Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Reviews Have to be "Critically" Negative?

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    Oct 2, 2001
      In a message dated 10/2/01 6:33:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      Jfepperson@... writes:

      << If
      discussions of books which deal with the western theatre of the Civil
      War are deemed off-topic, then our ability to discuss scholarship is
      severely (perhaps fatally) limited. >>

      I believed that you misconstrued my post. Most certainly books on the
      Western theater should be discussed, but in the content of what happened,
      what was the battle strategy, were did the battle go wrong, etc.; what the
      battle commanders could have done or should have done rather than a given
      author. One could say that he/she enjoyed the book or did not enjoy the
      book, but to go into severe negative criticism on an author to a point where
      it becomes character assassination, this I believe has no place in this forum.
      Use the book to talk about battle events that took place so that all can
      learn. One can never learn from negative criticism, only from positive
      criticism; any instruction in leadership development will ascertain to that.

      Basically, if one desires to bash a book or its author; bash the reviewer or
      the reviews as a result of one's on personal bias, then let him/her open up
      their own room and do the bashing there, rather than within this forum.

      Hopefully this will clarify the true intent of my first post.

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