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8175Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Reviews Have to be "Critically" Negative?

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    Oct 2, 2001
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      In a message dated 10/2/01 3:37:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      tajjr@... writes:

      << Appreciate it. Now, for my two cents. This does not strike me as a good
      book review. It's not very well argued, for one. And though Long certainly
      is under no obligation to love (or even like) the book, or to refrain from
      revealing his true feelings about it, his negativity does seem excessive.
      The review, in short, lacks a sense of scholarly decorum. It also lacks,
      save for the penultimate paragraph, quotations (of significant length) from
      the book in question. You'd think that if Long wanted to hang Simpson out
      to dry for his conclusions, he's use Simpson's own words to do so.

      Terry Johnston >>
      Please Terry and all the rest:
      This forum was to discuss actions and individuals that fought in the Western
      Theater (and perhaps the Trans-Missip included) not book reviews, book
      criticisms even though the books may pertain to individuals or battles within
      these theaters. For those that do persist on having book reviews or
      criticisms of an author, may I suggest that you open up a discussion room
      specifically for that purpose, rather than using this forum.


      Wayne C. Bengston
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