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  • Dave Smith
    Sep 5, 2001
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      --- In civilwarwest@y..., "John T. Coleman" <jtcoleman@p...> wrote:
      > An interesting addition to these lists would be to compile suggested
      > reading material for the subjects. Just a thought.

      This isn't a bad idea at all.

      There are some reading lists available. For example, you can visit
      the Reading List for Usenet newsgroup alt.war.civil.usa at


      The list hasn't been updated for a couple of years, I believe, and
      obviously covers the entire Civil War.

      I think it would be interesting to put together a "Civilwarwest"
      suggested reading list. If anyone is interested in such a project,
      I'd be glad to help coordinate it, and we could put such a page on
      the "bookmarks" section of this group.

      E-mail me at dmsmith001@... if you have an area you'd like to


      Dave Smith
      Villa Hills, KY
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