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732military freight wagons

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  • Waldemar Winkler
    Apr 4 5:49 PM
      This post may be a duplicate. The one I sent yesterday did not
      to have been dilivered.

      A few days ago I was reading the memoirs of Michael Heilman at the
      Civilwar Network site (uscivlwar.net). Nr. Heilman had a varied
      miitray career while serving in the Army of the Cumberlan. One of
      these was delivering supplies to the front. He mentions his wagons
      had a weight capacity of six tons.

      Therein is my problem. I can't conceive a freight wagon drawn by six
      mules large enough to handle six tons of average freight, unless the
      cargo was scrap iron. As a child I grew up in a Colorado mountain
      ranching community and am quite familiar with wagons; they were in
      everyone's back yard. They were'nt used much, except for holiday
      parades. Except for the hay wagons, they weren't very big, not much
      larger than the footprint of a modern 3/4 ton pickup bed.

      Can anyone offer any kind of clarification?

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