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655[civilwarwest] Re: Gen. W.W. Loring's Division

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  • Wayne Mulig
    Mar 5, 2000
      Dear Waldemar,

      Years ago I was doing some research on the 12th Louisiana Infantry, Buford's
      Bde, Loring's Div ... I have some info on Loring's movements from May 20,
      1863 to July 15, 1863 .... and in November 1863 Loring was at Canton,
      Mississippi ...then on Feb 5, 1864 have note that Loring crosses the Pearl
      River to Brandon (Mississippi ?)... next thing I have was May 4, 1864
      Loring's Div was ordered to Rome, Georgia ... If you would like me to type
      up sketchy notes for these periods with refereneces, please advise ... I am
      not sure whether you have the info or not...

      Also the 6th Mississippi of Tilghman's Bde is chronicled in H. Grady Howell,
      Jr, Going to Meet the Yankees: A History of the "Bloody Sixth" Mississippi,
      Infantry, C.S.A., Jackson, Mississippi: Chickasaw Bayou Press, 1981. Info
      gleaned from this book and contained in my notes are similar to that above
      ... would be happy to share that as well.

      I guess what I am saying is that I can compile my info on the 6th Miss and
      12th La for the period I refer to as the "Jackson - Mississippi Duty" Period
      of May 17, 1863 to April 1864 ... if you don't have it already. Please let
      me know and I will do so ...


      Wayne Mulig

      >From: "Waldemar Winkler" <pedinkler@...>
      >Reply-To: civilwarwest@egroups.com
      >To: civilwarwest@...
      >Subject: [civilwarwest] Gen. W.W. Loring's Division
      >Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 20:18:10 -0800
      >I am tracing the movements of the 23d Mississippi Infantry Regiment,
      >whose records were destroyed by fire.
      >I am hoping someone within our membership can shed some light on a
      >mystery I have been trying to unravel for some time, which is: where
      >did General William Wing Loring's Confederate Division go and what did
      >they do following the battle of Baker's Creek, ( Champion's Hhill) in
      >mid-May, 1963? Where were they from May - Dec., 1863, and where were
      >from Jan., 1864 - May 1864?
      >During the battle of Baker's Creek ( Champion's Hill), in mid May,
      >1863, the Confederae division under the command of Gen. William Wing
      >Loring was separated from the rest of the Confederate forces, and
      >forced to flee southeast. They eventually joined with General
      >Johnston's army at Jackson, and then disappeared.
      >In my research, Gen. Loring's division vanished after Jackson, Miss. I
      >find it again when some regiments are involved in a battle at
      >Coffeevill on Dec, 5, 1863. I am sure it is involved in Sherman's
      >attack on Meridian, but I haven't seen this division pop up in print
      >until the battle of Resaca, Georgia, in May of 1864.
      >Prior to the defeat at Baker's Creek, General Loring's division had the
      >following structure:
      >Department of Mississippi and Eastern Lousiana, Fourth Military
      >District, General John Pemberton, commanding.
      >? Corps, General Polk, Commanding
      >1st Brigade, General Lloyd Tilghman, Commanding the following regiments:
      >50th Alabama Infantry Regiment
      >54th Alabama Infantry Regiment
      >Heddon's artillery Battery
      >8th Kentucky Infantry
      >Company C., 4th Mississippi Artillery Batt.
      >14th Mississippi Infantry
      >20th Mississippi Infantry
      >23d Mississippi Infantry
      >26th Mississippi Infantry
      >I sincerely appreciate any informatin or research leads anyone can
      >Waldemar Winkler
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