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651[civilwarwest] Re: Gen. W.W. Loring's Division

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  • Dameron McRaven
    Mar 1, 2000
      Loring's Division remained in the Department of
      Mississippi after their misadventure from Champion's Hill to Jackson. I will
      research this further and send you more information, but this is what I have
      for now:
      During Sherman's Meridian, MS campaign the 23rd Mississippi was in
      Brig. Gen. John Adams' Brigade, W.W. Loring's Division, Army of Mississippi
      commanded by Leonidas Polk.
      The campaign occurred in February of 1864, and there were engagments
      from just outside Vicksburg across the state to Meridian.
      I believe that Loring's Division remained with Joe Johnston's
      Army, which subsequently was commanded by Polk from May-Dec. 1863. The Army
      remained in Jackson until the second battle by that name July 9-16m 1863,
      when they fell back to Canton, where they remained through the winter. They
      remained with Polks Army until it untied with Johnston's during the Atlanta
      campaign, this period covering Jan.-May 1864. After Sherman's Meridian
      Expedition, the 23rd fell back with the rest of the Confederate Army to
      Demopolis, Alabama.
      I hope this helps,
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      From: Waldemar Winkler <pedinkler@...>
      To: <civilwarwest@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2000 10:18 PM
      Subject: [civilwarwest] Gen. W.W. Loring's Division

      > I am tracing the movements of the 23d Mississippi Infantry Regiment,
      > whose records were destroyed by fire.
      > I am hoping someone within our membership can shed some light on a
      > mystery I have been trying to unravel for some time, which is: where
      > did General William Wing Loring's Confederate Division go and what did
      > they do following the battle of Baker's Creek, ( Champion's Hhill) in
      > mid-May, 1963? Where were they from May - Dec., 1863, and where were
      > from Jan., 1864 - May 1864?
      > During the battle of Baker's Creek ( Champion's Hill), in mid May,
      > 1863, the Confederae division under the command of Gen. William Wing
      > Loring was separated from the rest of the Confederate forces, and
      > forced to flee southeast. They eventually joined with General
      > Johnston's army at Jackson, and then disappeared.
      > In my research, Gen. Loring's division vanished after Jackson, Miss. I
      > find it again when some regiments are involved in a battle at
      > Coffeevill on Dec, 5, 1863. I am sure it is involved in Sherman's
      > attack on Meridian, but I haven't seen this division pop up in print
      > until the battle of Resaca, Georgia, in May of 1864.
      > Prior to the defeat at Baker's Creek, General Loring's division had the
      > following structure:
      > Department of Mississippi and Eastern Lousiana, Fourth Military
      > District, General John Pemberton, commanding.
      > ? Corps, General Polk, Commanding
      > 1st Brigade, General Lloyd Tilghman, Commanding the following regiments:
      > 50th Alabama Infantry Regiment
      > 54th Alabama Infantry Regiment
      > Heddon's artillery Battery
      > 8th Kentucky Infantry
      > Company C., 4th Mississippi Artillery Batt.
      > 14th Mississippi Infantry
      > 20th Mississippi Infantry
      > 23d Mississippi Infantry
      > 26th Mississippi Infantry
      > I sincerely appreciate any informatin or research leads anyone can
      > provide.
      > Respectfully,
      > Waldemar Winkler
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