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613[civilwarwest] Earthworks, Anyone?

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  • Chris Huff
    Feb 10, 2000
      Dear David,
      Thank you! Thank you! I will seek out Scaife's book, although alas, our beloved Oxford Books has gone the way of all flesh. 
      I am, myself,  dying to see these things on the ground, though. I have a very bad feeling that most, if not all of these unique fortifications have been destroyed, lost to the bulldozer as much of what was Johnston's River Line is covered by houses. My greatest hope is that not much grading has been done around the rail lines and that might be my best bet. Maybe I can contact Mr. Floyd and he will have some idea about getting some aerial shots so I can actually go find and see, what, if anything, is left.
      Thanks again for the references!
      Chris Huff
      Atlanta, GA
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