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611[civilwarwest] Re: Earthworks, Anyone?

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  • David Woodbury
    Feb 10, 2000
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      >At 8:07 PM -0800 2/10/00, Chris Huff wrote:
      >There are some fortifications here in Atlanta (Vinings to be
      >precise), designed by a man named Shupe. These particular
      >fortifications are located on the northern side of the Chatahoochee
      >at the bridgehead of the railroad bridge crossing the river just
      >above the mouth of Nickajack Creek. They are supposed to be radical
      >in design and very effective (real one of a kind).

      Shoup's so-called "Shoupades" were kind of triangular forts in
      Johnston's Chattahoochee River Line, and (working from sometimes
      faulty memory) could hold about a company of men. Jutting out from
      the main line at regular intervals, they were intended to allow small
      pockets of men to put down a lethal crossing fire on any approach.
      The idea was that the main line could he held with small numbers,
      while the bulk of the army could stand ready across the river, ready
      to march rapidly up or down stream to contest a Federal crossing.
      True to form, though, Johsnston fell back across the river without
      testing Shoup's works, and the Federals crossed more or less at

      William Scaife wrote an essay on Shoupades for an issue of "Civil War
      Regiments" journal, which included some photos of some extant works.
      He also published a book on the Chattahoochee River Line, I believe
      (distinct from his Atlanta Campaign titles) which is probably still
      available at places like Oxford Books in town there. The River Line
      book includes a photo of a model or diorama of a Shoupade.

      I think the founder, or at least one of the co-founders of the
      Fortification Study Group mentioned by Horwitz is Dale Floyd.

      David Woodbury
      Palo Alto, Calif.
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