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6013Re: Military Politics--LBJ's Silver Star

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  • dmercado@worldnet.att.net
    Jul 8, 2001
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      --- In civilwarwest@y..., josepharose@y... wrote:
      > It seems that there is some question concerning the award of a
      > Star--mentioned as being the third highest combat honor--to Lyndon
      > Johnson for being a passenger on a bomber which may, or may not
      > been under attack by Japanese fighters over New Guinea.
      > The article noted that, even if everything which LBJ's supporters
      > was true actually happened, there would be no reason to give him
      > star. Very possibly, he didn't even see combat as a passenger.
      > There was a suggestion that, as a congressman, LBJ was given the
      > award by Doug MacArthur, in return for LBJ's political support in
      > Congress and his influence with FDR.
      > Joseph

      Hey, Dugout Doug would never do such an obvious political thing.
      Besides it's dangerous just riding in a B-24. Anyway didn't Doug get
      the Medal of Honor for riding in a PT boat? <smile>. Best regards,
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