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47334Dick and Peggy Weeks, the rest of the story...

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  • pbjdesigns
    Sep 23, 2013
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      Dick "shotgun" Weeks' daughter emailed early this AM to share further news with her dad's many friends in the CW community: 

      "I wanted to give you the ending to my dad's story. As you know, I left to go back to Colorado on Thursday. Early Friday morning about 5:15am (my time), my brother called and said that my mom had passed away. He found her laying peacefully in her bed in the same position she always sleeps (on her left side curled in a ball). As you can imagine we are all devastated beyond words at the loss of my parents a week apart, but today I can appreciate the beauty of their story. After my dad passed, my mom said that we don't need to worry because they had a plan. They had always said that once one of them died, the other wouldn't be far behind. I told her that was a really poor plan and asked if she had a plan B! Clearly she didn't."

      That "plan" also has always been that they'd be buried together at Arlington. Dick, Peggy and the "Supreme Commander" seem to have worked together to execute that plan. Coincidentally, today is their wedding anniversary, and not one that they'll celebrate apart.  Later today we'll raise a glass to Sgt. and Mrs. Weeks and a life and love well lived.

      RIP Dick and Peggy.

      Best regards.


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