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    Aug 19, 2013
      1) The Tennessee River does not run from Nashville to Chattanooga.   The Tennessee starts above Knoxville, runs southwestwardly toward Chattanooga, moves into Alabama west of Chattanooga, flows across N. Alabama to very corner of N. Mississippi, and then back into Tennessee near Pittsburg Landing, eventually flowing into Kentucky and the Ohio River.
      2)  A boat from Nashville to Chattanooga would have to go down the Cumberland to the Ohio and then ascend the Tennessee and go thru N. Alabama to Chattanooga.
      3) Confederates interdicted it.  
      Sam Elliott
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      Subject: [civilwarwest] Tennessee River

      The Tennessee river is navigable from Nashville to Chattanooga.
      At least there are river boat tours today.
      Why was it not used by Rosecreans to resupply Chattanooga?
      Jack Lawrence
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