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47295Re: Confederate Indian Units in the Civil War of the West

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  • Knight Hawk
    Apr 12, 2013
      Confederate General and Cherokee Chief Stand Watie

      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "James L. Choron" <lordjim@...> wrote:
      > All,
      > I found this on the net while doing some related research. It's good reference for anyone looking into the Indian Nations and their involvement in the Civil War. It's not very detailed, but it gives a good starting place.
      > Jim
      > Confederate Indian Units in the Civil War of the West
      > FIRST BATTALION, Cherokee Cavalry ( Bryan's Battalion ).
      > First Commander: Major J. M. Bryan
      > FIRST REGIMENT: Cherokee Mounted Rifles.
      > a.. First Colonel: Stand Watie (later Brig. General )
      > b.. James M. Bell, Lieutenant Colonel (later Colonel)
      > c.. Robert C. Parks, Lt. Colonel
      > d.. Thomas R. Taylor, Lt. Colonel
      > e.. Joseph F. Thompson, Major (later Lt. Colonel )
      > f.. Clem N. Vann, Lt. Colonel
      > g.. Elias Corneilus Boudinot, Major
      > h.. E. J. Howland, Major..
      > SECOND REGIMENT: Cherokee Mounted Rifles.
      > a.. First Colonel, William P. Adair
      > b.. O.H.P. Brewer, Lt. Colonel
      > c.. Porter Hammock, Major
      > d.. J.R. Harden, Major
      > e.. John Vann, Major.
      > SECOND REGIMENT: Cherokee Mounted Rifles.(also referred to as Drew's Regiment and First Regiment, Cherokee Cavalry).
      > a.. First Colonel: John Drew
      > b.. William P. Ross, Lt. Colonel
      > c.. Thomas Pegg, Major.
      > FRY'S BATTALION, Cherokee Cavalry
      > First Commander: Major Moses C. Frye. Aide: Major Joseph A. Scales
      > FIRST BATTALION, Chickasaw Cavalry
      > First Colonel: Lieutenant Colonel Joseph D. Harris. Aide: Major Lemuel M. Reynolds
      > FIRST REGIMENT: Chickasaw Cavary
      > a.. First Colonel: William L. Hunter
      > b.. Samuel H. Martin, Lt. Colonel
      > c.. Abram B. Hayes, Major
      > SHECO'S BATTALION, Chickasaw Cavalry
      > First Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Martin Sheco. Aide: Jonathan Nail, Major
      > FIRST BATTALION, Choctaw Cavalry
      > First Commander: Major J. W. Pierce
      > FIRST REGIMENT: Choctaw Cavalry (also called: First Choctaw War Regiment; formed from Battice's Battalion).
      > a.. First Colonel: Simpson N. Folsom
      > b.. F. Battice, Lt. Colonel
      > FIRST REGIMENT: Choctaw Cavalry (formed from First Choctaw Battalion)
      > a.. First Colonel: Sampson Folsom
      > b.. David R. Hawkins, Lt. Colonel
      > THIRD REGIMENT: Choctaw Cavalry
      > a.. First Colonel: Jackson McCurtain
      > b.. Tom Lewis, Lt. Colonel
      > c.. John Page, Major
      > FIRST REGIMENT: Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles
      > a.. First Colonel: Douglas H. Cooper
      > b.. James Riley, Lt. Colonel
      > c.. Willis J. Jones, Major
      > d.. Mitchell LeFlore, Major
      > e.. Sampson Loering, Major
      > f.. Tandy Walker, Lt. Colonel, transfered to Second Regiment Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles.
      > SECOND REGIMENT: Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles
      > First Colonel: Tandy Walker.
      > FIRST REGIMENT: Creek Cavalry
      > a.. First Colonel: Daniel N. McIntosh
      > b.. William R. McIntosh, Lt. Colonel
      > c.. Samuel Chekote, Lt. Colonel
      > d.. Jacob Derrysaw, Major
      > e.. James McHenry, Major
      > SECOND REGIMENT:Creek Cavalry
      > a.. First Colonel: Chilly McIntosh
      > b.. Pink Hawkins, Lt. Colonel
      > c.. Timothy Barnett, Major (later Colonel)
      > FIRST BATTALION, Seminole Cavalry
      > First Commander: Lieutenant Colonel John Jumper. George Cloud, Major
      > First Commander: Major Broken Arm
      > Totals: Regiments: 11 Battalions: 8
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