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  • dave0718@att.net
    Mar 8, 2013
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      I have been able to follow two of my and my wife's civil war ancestors at the Chickamauga Study Group. At the March 2012 two day meeting, on the second day in the morning, we marched where her great-grandfather of the first Texans marched in the morning of the second day of the battle toward the rise going to Snodgrass hill. (He later walked home from Appomattox.) In the afternoon of the second day of the meeting we marched up the rise to Snodgrass hill which my great-grandfather traversed on the afternoon of the second day of the battle to join Thomas until the end of the battle. I don't know if he rode a horse or limped up the rise. In a letter home right after the battle he told his family that, for the second time this year, his horse fell on his right leg. (We still have 50 of his letters home from the Civil War.) He was allowed to resign late in October that year since he could no longer march or get on a horse without help. He did live on to 1897. His eulogy can be found at http://suvcw.org/past/wgkendrick.htm. Dave

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      > First, I would like to introduce myself. Some of you may recognize me while others may not, so I think an introduction is appropriate. My name is Dick Weeks, folks on the Internet call me Shotgun. I started this group some years ago in hope of learning more about the Western Theater, and learn I have.
      > I thought that since things are quite in the group right now I would try to start a thread. The reason I am doing this is self serving. I want to put a new section on my website and call it "Our Civil War Ancestors, Stories from the Descendants (or something like that) and you folks can help me with that. Fully realizing that many of you may not have traced your family back as far as I have. I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution which means that I can trace my heritage back in a direct linage to the American Revolution. However I am sure there are many of you that have stories about your ancestors that served on both sides in the Civil War. I would like to share those stories with visitors to my website (civilwarhome.com). Since I made it, I know the rule is this group is restricted to discussing only the Western Theater but in this case I will lift the rule when it comes to discussing your ancestors. You may have a story about your ancestor which does not even involve a battle they were engaged in but was passed on to your family. It doesn't have to battle related as long as it is Civil War related. I have ancestors that served at Vicksburg, Atlanta, Gettysburg, and 2nd Manassas and their stories were not always talking about a battle. If this thread works I will share their stories with the group.
      > The first story that I have is not about a battle but something that I found amusing in my family's history. My great great grandmother was Mary Mathews Byers. She was expecting when a kinsman, Charles Wright, visited her home in full Confederate uniform. He said when leaving, "If it is a boy, name him for me." She answered she would do so even it were a girl. And she did. My great grandmother's name is Charlie Wright Byers Weeks. The family always called her "Charlie."
      > I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant
      > Dick (a.k.a. Shotgun)
      > http://www.civilwarhome.com
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