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47277Re: [civilwarwest] Civil War Ancestors

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  • lilsteve68
    Mar 6, 2013
      This is a Civil Wsr Story of about my 2nd Great Grand Uncle John William Craft. The Story has been passed down over the years. Hope you all enjoy it.



      John William Craft


      During the Civil War - John was in the Home Guard near Randolph County, Alabama. During the last few months of the war a small band of Union Soldiers came in to Randolph County and took John and another boy in the home guard as prisoners.

      The soldiers took them down to the Tallapoosa River and tied them to a tree. The next mourning, one of the soldiers came to them and told them that the other soldiers were going to turn them loose and if the could swim across the river they would let them go free.

      The soldier warned them that the other soldiers were going to start shooting at them as soon as they got in the water. He told them that as soon as they jumped in to go under the water and swim downstream as far as they could before the came out.

      When the soldiers untied them, they jumped in the water and went under and started swimming down stream. The soldiers started shooting into the water where the boys had! gone under, thinking that they would try to swim across the river.

      John and his companion came out of the water down stream, out of sight of the Union Soldiers and by staying in the woods they were able to escape.

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