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47219Re: [civilwarwest] Was Pemberton Wrong, Bad, Incompetent (Vicksburg Campaign)

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  • Jack Lawrence
    Jan 2, 2013
      Grant had his moments. what made the second attack at Vicksburg appalling was that, in retrospect, it was a warm up for the second attack at Cold Harbor.
      In both cases, and all I can think is that these were callous demonstrations to his opponents that he had men to waste, he left his wounded on the field rather than a truce.
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      Subject: Re: [civilwarwest] Was Pemberton Wrong, Bad, Incompetent (Vicksburg Campaign)

      Mr. Baquero, 
      When you imply that Grant was a murderer because of civilian casualties incurred during the 47 day siege as you state, you are judging him using today's standards and not those of mid-nineteenth centaury.  The standards of today and that of the era of the civil war are not the same.  It was much harder to care for battle casualties, the wounded, the hospital care of soldiers and also the welfare of civilians trapped in sectors of military operations.  Both armies simply did not have the means to provide meaningful resources, food and medical personnel.  It was common practice to allow wounded soldiers to lay on the battlefield until they were finally retrieved if they were not dead yet.  The medical staffs after a large battle were overwhelmed by the numbers of the wounded.  This applies to the situation during the siege of Vicksburg.  Grant pressed the confederates and civilians got in the way.  He should not be blamed if they suffered (they did) because the confederates choose to fight a battle here even after several rebel leaders advised the field army be withdrawn.  Grant was successful in his operations and plans.  If he had blame for civilian casualties, then the confederates are equally to blame. 
      The jury of popular opinion has rendered a verdict, one of NOT GUILTY.
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      Subject: Re: [civilwarwest] Was Pemberton Wrong, Bad, Incompetent (Vicksburg Campaign)


      The RIGHT  questions is; " was Grant a murder or a genocide after 47 days of Vicksburg's city bombardment ?


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