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47199Re: The Chattanooga Conundrum

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  • "Holger Klaßmann"
    Sep 24, 2012
      [My first message. Feeling a bit excited. :) ]

      I do not think that Buell could have (permanently) succeeded. There were other reasons for his failure besides his weakened army, whch still apply, e. g. psychological ones.

      Lacking the time to check the timetable of events, I can only speculate that there would have been a battle somewhere close to Chattanooga, perhaps we could have had ANV forces in the west one year earlier, and with the relationship betweem Bragg and subordinates not yet that deteriorated, the AoT might have performed better then it did one year later.

      In addition, the USA had not yet developed the means to fight guerilla warfare, so that Buell's LOS would have been much more exposed to attacks.

      It seems rather impropble to me that Buell could have taken Chattanooga, and if, he couldn't have held it.
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