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47197The Chattanooga Conundrum

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  • sammylf@att.net
    Sep 24, 2012
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      I just returned from a visit to the Chattanooga & Chicamauga National Military Park, and was very impressed with both the park and the staff.
      Sept. 19th & 20th marked the 149th anniversary of the Battle of Chicamauga. I encourage all who can attend to join me there next year.

      The strategic importance of Chattanooga can be fully appreciated only by seeing (and climbing) the terrain of Lookout Mtn. and Missionary Ridge.

      That prompted me to think of this essay question which I offer free to all of you educators out there.

      Keeping in mind that Buell's goal was to take Chattanooga in the spring of 1862, after Corinth, and that his mission failed because his entire army was needed to maintain the supply lines from his base of operations in Louisville (more than 500 miles in hostile territory), how would the course of the war have changed if he had simply moved his base from Louisville to Nashville or Columbia and taken Chattanooga in the summer of '62?

      I am adding a picture of Cravens, house atop Lookout Mtn. for reference.

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