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47186Re: fwd: How Lincoln's Army 'Liberated' the Indians

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  • holywham
    Jun 23, 2012
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      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Patrick Griffin" <pgriffin@...> wrote:
      > Sir:
      > War is Hell. Wheeler's calvary did a number on the Southrons, "impressing" (stealing) anything that quacked, mooed, cackled, or looked tasty. Sherman's troops were a rough set of patriots who, rightfully resented the empty rhetoric of the rebels. As a Union man observed, "I want to see that 'last ditch'." He did, it was probably at Sailor's Creek ( Sayler's Creek), which was the Grand Skedaddle of the Army of Northern Virginia.
      > As to your whine about Sherman: A significant portion of the looters, bummers, were Southrons, Shiftless Niggers and their redneck, po white trash companions. Which category are you? The American Enterprise Institute has no credibility re the Civil War. They are out of their area of expertise there. Of course, they are out of their area of competence in almost all areas.
      > Realistically, what did Dixie expect? You listened to Calhoun and not Houston. Southrons were the equal to their fellow Americans, but woefully inadequate in most ways. Mostly, the Confederacy, by force of circumstances, engaged in defensive battle. The 'school' solution was 3-1. Rarely did the Union forces enjoy that ratio. Lee and Hood sought victory by assaults a la Fredricksburg' on prepared positions. Silly boys. The Virginia Corps(?) was reduced to a corporal's guard.
      > I guess what I am saying is the discussion group is supposed to be about the War in the Western Theater. You bring in the post-war Indian policy, et al. You can engage in all the rhetoric you want but realize that N. B. Forrest stated that we were "whipped"
      > .+
      "forage liberally"
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