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4711516th US Corps Movements October December 1863

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  • William Nolan
    Nov 19, 2011
      Does anyone have knowledge of the 16th Corps move from Chatanooga toward Chickamonga after September 26, 1863 and its return toward Corinth in December. I started out traking Col Sul Ross' move of a two detachment force from Grenada, MS in September and his move east. I have since learned of the movement of several other units that were not involved in Chickamonga that moved east shadowing this Corps. Some belonged to Stephen D. Lee, some to General Ferguson, some to other Generals of S. D. Lee's  forcces. The outcome was the withdrawel from Chickamonga changed the direction of the fighting. The actions of  the sothern forces may have cause a shift toward Corinth.
      On 3 December 1863 there was  a battle in Moscow, Tennessee and Confederate forces had the upper hand until a brigade arrived by rail. With the greater force on the North side, S.D. Lee ordered retreat. Words at the web site for the battle of Moscow site a black regiments gallant stand and do not mention the arrival of another brigade or the losses of the Union Cavalry regiment that was shot up. I wish they would stop rewriting history!
      Any information would be appreciated. I am trying to complete parts of Ross' history that is missing.
      Bill Nolan, Kerrville, TX
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