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47099Re: [civilwarwest] Railroad Incident in 1863

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  • keeno2@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2011
      Have heard the story, Joe. Just haven't attempted to verify it.

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      I do not read fiction either, just non-fiction.

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      I never read Science-Fiction novels !
      - raul

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      Subject: [civilwarwest] Railroad Incident in 1863
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      I am trying to help an acquaintance determine if a story passed down by the wife of a soldier in the 9th Ohio Infantry can be documented.

      " Mary, who was was born in Hanover (Germany) in 1843, traveled to America in 1863 with nineteen other German girls looking for husbands. After nine weeks sailing, the girls landed in Baltimore. Enroute from Baltimore to Cincinnati, their train was ambushed by Confederate soldiers, who upset and wrecked the steam locomotive, set fire to the coaches, and fired volleys of bullets into the wreckage, killing many passengers. Eight or nine of the girls were never heard from again, and the survivors lost all of their belongings before being rescued by Union soldiers, who heard the gunshots. The passengers were bivouaced in a nearby forest and guarded by Union troops. The next morning they were sent on to Cincinnati."

      Is anyone aware of such an incident happening in 1863?


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