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  • ggeisler@cinci.rr.com
    May 15, 2011
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      Never heard it put that way, basically the North American Contient is comprised offrom North to south,The Dominion of Canada, belonging pretty much to England with a self governing type of politics.
      United States od America an entirley autonomous country self governing with basically a two party form of operation.
      Mexico a third autonomus country ruled by drug lords. these three countries have only geographical borders. in common politically
      Central America below Mexico and north of South America is a group of also self governing countries, Now what all this has to do about the American Civil  ward in the West is beyond me but there it is.
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       America is how we normally call our country ( USA ) but also , America is a CONTINENT, divide it in 3 areas ; North, Central and South .

      - Raul


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      Yessir your right both Canada and mexico are a part of the North American continent, but not of the United States of America.As always
      God bless You
      hattie and gary

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