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47050Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Best place to buy a Springfield 1862 Muzzle loader

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  • Mike Tommarello
    Apr 4 6:56 AM
      Well I'll keep my ear to the ground to see whom I know may be leaving the hobby.  I know most are hoping to make it through the 150th Anniversary cycle then hang up their brogans.
      Mike Tommarello
      Sgt. Maj
      Pennsylvania Reserve Division
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      From: Jason
      Sent: Monday, April 04, 2011 3:41 AM
      Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Best place to buy a Springfield 1862 Muzzle loader


      I guess the question is how "picky" are people. I am planning on retiring down South ultimately. My great great grandfather who fought for the Union probably had the 1863 Springfield. My goal was to obtain that weapon and use it for Civil War reenacting even though I plan on playing a Confederate. The story being "the previous owner doesn't need it anymore". I have been collecting weapons my family members have used in the military. So far I have two of the four I am looking for.


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      > Jason,
      > My pappy always said, "The action is in the Infantry." As to your question, do you mean an 1861 or 1863 Springfield rifle or a rifled 1842 Springfield? To my knowledge the only model 1862 out on the market is for the Richmond Rifle, which is basically a copy of the Springfield. From that info I can advise where you may find a quality repro though the prices are getting up there. Do to some unsavory practices I do suggest purchasing one onsite rather than through mail order and even then giving it a through look over before purchasing.
      > Mike Tommarello
      > Sgt. Maj.
      > Pennsylvania Reserve Division
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      > From: Jason Unwin
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      > Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2011 12:45 AM
      > Subject: [civilwarwest] Best place to buy a Springfield 1862 Muzzle loader
      > I am thinking of "branching out" from artillery into infantry and would like to buy an 1862 Springfield muzzle loading rifle. I look forward to hearing from everyone.
      > Jason Unwin
      > Ordnance Sergeant
      > 5th Texas Artillery

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