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  • edkiniry
    Jan 20, 2011
      The reason for Hooker's late attack was his necessity of re-building a bridge over Chattanooga Creek, which the rebels had burned on their retreat from Lookout Mountain.


      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, Patricia Swan <pbswan@...> wrote:
      > All:
      > I thought that "envelopment" meant going around the flank(s) to get
      > behind the enemy, not just attacking on the flank(s). If this is a
      > correct definition, then Grant's plans at Chattanooga would seem to be
      > flank attacks, not envelopments. Sherman was to get up on Missionary
      > Ridge at the north end and "roll up" Bragg's army from that point.
      > Hooker was to do likewise at the south end. Thomas was to hold the
      > middle. As it turned out, Thomas' troops broke through the middle,
      > aided by a somewhat late attack on the Confederate left flank by
      > Hooker. Sherman was stopped by Cleburne's troops and did not "roll up"
      > Bragg's army from his right flank. Thus, Grant's plans for attacks on
      > Bragg's flanks were not very successful, while Thomas's troops did more
      > than their planned part. It seems, therefore, that this battle was not
      > a good example of attacks on the flank(s) and certainly not an envelopment.
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