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46903Re: Retreat and Fall Back

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  • william
    Jan 1, 2011
      My question has always been: why was Holly Springs left so vulnerable to a Calvary raid, considering its strategic importance?

      Bill Bruner

      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "hank9174" <clarkc@...> wrote:
      > very good synopsis.
      > In some ways this is similar to Lee's treatment of Pope along the Rappahannock prior to the battle of 2nd Manassas.
      > This time Hood (in the role of Lee) is trying to prevent/destroy Schofield (in the role of Pope) from combining with Thomas (in the role of McClellan) in the Nashville defenses (playing the role of Washington DC).
      > Of course, Lee then split his army (he had that habit) sending Jackson on an end-run and Little Mac was farther away than Thomas.
      > HankC
      > --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, DORR64OVI@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Once Thomas determines that Hoods intention is to fight his army and not
      > > follow Sherman into GA, Old Paps plan is to concentrate his forces. Until
      > > Hood shows his hand about where he intends to move, either toward Knoxville
      > > or northward into Ky, Thomas prepares to check him either at Murfreesboro or
      > > Chattanooga.
      > > Thomas orders Schofield to move gradually back from Pulaski to Columbia
      > > in case Hoods moves this way. When the telegraph lines get cut between
      > > Thomas and Schofield, Thomas believes at this point that Hoods objective is
      > > Nashville and not Chattanooga.
      > > At Columbia Schofield is fooled by the appearance of Hoods artillery.
      > > He fails to see that it is a trick to hold him in place while Hood crosses
      > > the Duck River and move to cut him off at Spring Hill. After delaying for
      > > 12 some hours, Wilsons cavalry patrols reveal Hoods intentions and
      > > Schofield sends the 4th Corps hastily up the Columbia Pike. Only Hoods own blunder
      > > at Spring Hill in failling to attack saves Schofield from capture and the
      > > Federals march past Hoods campfires on the retreat to Franklin and
      > > Nashville.
      > > When Thomas gets the word that Hood has crossed the Duck River and is
      > > moving north, it is at this point that he orders his forces to concentrate
      > > at Nashville. Schofield is slowly retreating to Franklin where he must
      > > cross the Harpeth River. Thomas orders him to defend Franklin while crossing
      > > and hopes Schofield can hold for three days to allow Smiths reeinforcements
      > > to arrive at Nashville. Schofield replies that he cant hold Franklin and
      > > Thomas then orders him to pull his army back to Nashville.
      > > Approaching Franklin, Hood orders a frontal assault which is repulsed
      > > with heavy losses. Schofield continues his retreat to Nashville after dark
      > > and reaches the cities defenses on Dec 1. Hood follows Schofield to
      > > Nashville, but his losses have weakened his force so that it cannot attack
      > > Thomas. Hood has now lost the critical element of initiative and Thomas has
      > > time to strengthen his forces especially his cavalry. Despite fears of Hoods
      > > intentions and ability to move by Washington and Grant, Thomas waits out
      > > the Dec weather and finally attacks Hood, smashing him over the course of
      > > two days.
      > > So it appears that Schofields moves are a retreat which ultimately
      > > reveal Hoods intentions.
      > >
      > > Kent Dorr
      > >
      > > In a message dated 12/27/2010 10:14:01 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      > > clarkc@ writes:
      > >
      > >
      > > Of course, in Schofield's mind (and his men) there is no withdrawal or
      > > fall back.
      > >
      > > Nashville is his destination from the beginning of the move from Atlanta.
      > >
      > > Thomas considers moving forward to Brentwood but decides to wait for
      > > Smith's divisions and remains concentrated at Nashville - especially with
      > > Forrest's whereabouts unknown.
      > >
      > > A number of garrisons at Chattanooga and northern Alabama are also ordered
      > > to concentrate toward Murfreesboro. These units had been placed to provide
      > > early warning and delay of such a move as Hood's. Once the move is
      > > discovered and well-developed, their mission is over md they are free to be
      > > re-deployed. Whether the new move is backward, forward or sideways is situation
      > > dependent.
      > >
      > > HankC
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